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    Backcountry Bound

    Low-Tech Essentials
    column by: Jack Ballard

    My first experience using a GPS while hunting might emphatically serve as an advertisement for the now-ubiquitous devices. During the fall of 2001, when my two sons were just nudging into grade school, I acquired a basic GPS. A weekend mule deer hunt with the lads in familiar territory provided an opportunity to tinker with the device, though I scarcely felt it a necessary navigation tool. ...Read More >


    From the Editor

    Unpredictable Outcomes
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    Twenty or more years ago, I recognized benefits of being the editor of a hunting magazine that reached beyond a paycheck or the simple act of hunting deer, elk or whatnot in new and interesting country. Trent Swanson’s “Brush Creek Bomber” feature in this issue served as a reminder. Over time, editors get to know their contributors on a somewhat personal level, but Trent became a buddy long before he started writing features for Successful Hunter. ...Read More >



    Full Circle
    column by: Lee J. Hoots

    Long ago, more than half a lifetime and before children began filling our modest home, hunting was measured by “success” – a sticky word that, depending on perspective, means either something substantial or, today, to me at least, truly nothing at all. ...Read More >


    Predator & Prey

    Different Calls for Different Occasions
    column by: Gordy J. Krahn

    Have a look in any fisherman’s tackle box and there is sure to be a wide variety of lures of all shapes, sizes and colors. Experience has taught anglers that they must be prepared to tackle various light and water conditions, as well as multiple fish species and sizes. They need to be equipped to mimic the most prevalent natural food sources – to roll with the whims of the fish. They often sift through a large assortment of different lures before landing on that perfect combination that provokes a feeding frenzy on a particular occasion. An hour later, all bets might be off, and a completely different setup might work better. ...Read More >


    Going Public

    Giant Muley for Dad
    column by: Brad Fenson

    Mark Copenhaver has been applying for the Paunsaugunt for well over a decade and finally beat the Utah odds by drawing a mule deer tag. In a strange but modern way, Mark got hooked up with David Virostko at North Rim Outfitters (virostkohunts.com). Reluctant to use a guide, Mark eventually gave in, hoping to maximize his public-land hunt opportunity. ...Read More >


    Telegraph Creek

    John Taylor: Elephant Hunter
    column by: Terry Wieland

    It is impossible to say how many books have been written about hunting in Africa – certainly hundreds and probably thousands. Many were written by men who went only once, spent a few months in Kenya or down south and then returned home to commit their experiences to paper. These works may have gratified their immediate families, but probably no one else. ...Read More >


    Hot Weather Bucks

    Adapt to Fill Your Tags
    feature by: Bob Robb

    It was hot – real hot – the kind of heat that drives whitetail hunters bonkers. I was hunting in Illinois’ famed Brown County, known at the time as one of the best places to get a look at a truly giant buck. It was the second week of November, the peak of the rut, but there was a problem. ...Read More >


    Brush Creek Bomber

    The Saga of a Wyoming Muley
    feature by: Trent Swanson

    Jake Keller has a knack for storytelling that must have been brewed into the coffee he drank with his grandfather around the campfire. He’s a young man in his mid-20s but has skills and knowledge beyond his years. Jake handles the primary guiding duties on Brush Creek Ranch and is also the livestock manager in charge of all the cattle and horses. When summer guests arrive, he acts as the head wrangler, leading horseback rides into the backcountry. ...Read More >


    Wilderness Wapiti

    Backcountry Rut-Hunt Memories
    feature by: Jason Books

    The afternoon breeze blew steadily into our faces as we slowly made our way down to a bench where the elk were bedded. Thermal winds kept our scent away, and my hunting companion for the day, Russ McClellan, turned toward me with a look of excitement. ...Read More >


    Crossbow Whitetail

    Hunting in the Nebraska Sandhills
    feature by: Jack Ballard

    There is no season I enjoy so fully as autumn – nor one so exhausting; in a good way, that is. As nighttime lows nudge toward freezing around Labor Day, upland bird season opens. My household is blessed with a canine that doubles as pet and pointing dog. How can you say “No” to a setter that drops a hunting boot in your lap then drags over a leash and looks longingly at the front door? ...Read More >


    Coues’ Deer Challenge

    Hunting an Illusive, Little Whitetail
    feature by: Brad Fenson

    The predawn air was crisp, and the musky smell of dead, dry vegetation hung in the moist mountain atmosphere. Heading to Mexico, I looked forward to warming temperatures compared to the frigid, subzero deep freeze at home. The elevation of the Sierra Madre mountains, combined with the winter months and the sun low on the horizon, meant warm days and cold nights. A heavy layer of frost forced me to pull on an extra jacket to prepare for the drive to the hunting area. ...Read More >


    Hunting Gear

    Nikon LaserForce 10x42 Rangefinder Binocular
    whatsnew by: Jim Matthews

    The first laser rangefinder binocular I ever used sold for $6,000 retail, and in addition to the distance, it gave your bearing in degrees. It wasn’t really designed for hunters, and its price point was way beyond most hunters’ budgets. It was an incredible optical device, however, and the range popped up at the touch of a button. ...Read More >

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