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    Lyman’s Laser Boresighters

    Lyman’s Laser Boresighters are the most convenient and accurate way to sight in your rifles. Their caliber specific boresighters are designed to help shooters sight in, check their zero or practice aiming. Shaped just like a cartridge, the boresighter is simply turned on and chambered in your rifle. The bright laser beam will show you where to move your crosshairs to get you on target without ever firing a shot! Save time, money and ammo! Perfect for when you are installing that new scope. 

    • Available for: .223, 30-06, and .308
    • Red Laser wavelength 635-655nm
    • Max output <5mW
    • Batteries included
    • 15-100 yard sighting range
    • Brass construction
    • Class IIIA laser
    • Ideal for accurate bore sighting

    For more information, check out www.lymanproducts.com

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