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    Successful Hunter - 2018

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    Successful Hunter November/December 2019

    This issue features A Boy, the Breaks and a Bighorn, Riverbank Muleys, Mountain Whitetails, Treetop Moose, DIY Trophy Buck, and much more.

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    From The Editor

    A Young Man and His Ram
    column by: Lee Hoots

    Like traveling to Africa in search of otherwise unusual game such as kudu and Cape buffalo, sheep hunting can become somewhat of an addiction, especially for globe-trotting adventurists. Such hunting represents a sort of pinnacle (no pun intended with regard to sheep) to sportsmen all over the world. After having “been there and done that,” addiction (the good kind if money is available) sometimes comes into play. ...Read More >


    Going Public

    Once in a Lifetime Ram
    column by: Brad Fenson

    Randy Stetzer had always dreamed of a once-in-a-lifetime bighorn tag and felt like he won the lottery when he drew the East Deschutes, Biggs Unit license in Oregon. The summer was spent scouting the area and getting into “sheep shape.” November rolled around, and it was time for the hunt. A solid team was assembled: Randy’s son Ben, friends Rick Harris, Ian Fergusson and Pete Donahower. ...Read More >



    Crown Prince Coues
    column by: Lee Hoots

    Few hunters have a problem with shooting or arrowing any legal buck, even if it’s not “fully mature,” as they say on television. For example, nine years ago, following most of a week hunting Arizona mule deer during the rut and seeing few antlered deer, I filled my tag on a middle-aged “meat buck” with one day left in the season, with no regret. But let’s face some bold truth: While we all enjoy the meat provided after a successful outing for deer or elk, it is the large, older, mature bucks and bulls that carry “bragging-size” antlers that represent some sort of high point in a hunter’s pursuit – and why shouldn’t it? ...Read More >


    Predator & Prey

    Reading Sign
    column by: Gordy J. Krahn

    The minutes passed like hours as I sat through English class, waiting for the conclusion of another school day. My instructor’s high-pitched voice faded as I gazed lazily through the classroom window and noticed a slight hint of snow against the somber October sky. It wasn’t that I didn’t like school. Actually, I found it tolerable – except during the fall, when my mind was cluttered with much more important matters, such as the the 3-mile trapline extending from Muskeg Bay east along the lakeshore. ...Read More >

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